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Need balance assessment equipment? e3 Diagnostics carries forward-looking products from the world's leading manufacturers of vestibular balance test solutions, Micromedical by Interacoustics, Virtualis and Bertec. With same-day service in many locations, e3 Diagnostics stands ready to provide high-quality balance assessment equipment for your ENT practice, audiology clinic or rehab facility.

Whether you're looking for a balance testing machine for athletes or a vestibular function test that assesses the vestibular ocular reflex, e3 Diagnostics is the nation's preferred provider of reliable sales and service solutions.

Bertec Vision Trainer

Bertec Vision Trainer

The Bertec Vision Trainer (BVT) assesses and trains visual, motor coordination, and balance skills. An impact-resistant touchscreen offers game-like training, designed to improve visual-motor performance and sensory function. Balance can be trained and enhanced with Bertec’s medical grade force plate. The interactive balance plate adds the dimension of balance to traditional visual-motor training.

  • Improve visual-motor performance
  • Achieve peak performance in fast-paced competitive environment
  • Provide a unique modality for training during injury recovery
  • Increase user motivation and participation

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Standard Package

  • Bertec Vision Trainer software
  • Slim profile with large, interactive TV screen
  • Dedicated integrated computer
  • 55” commercial grade touchscreen
  • Height adjustable Ergotron cart
  • Power cable, HDMI cable & power strip


Featured Training

  • Speed
  • Peripheral
  • Sequence
  • Reaction
  • Flash
  • Go/No-Go
  • Balance


  • Customizable training
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Compact, all-in-one vision training system
  • Simple & intuitive user interface
  • Minimum ceiling height: 7 ft
  • System weight: ~100 lb
  • Capacitive touchscreen monitor: 55”
  • Electrical requirements: 120 VAC 6.0 amps
  • General footprint: ~4x2 ft
  • Computer: Intel Nuc (Windows 10, i3 Processor)



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