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Need balance assessment equipment? e3 Diagnostics carries forward-looking products from the world's leading manufacturers of vestibular balance test solutions, Micromedical by Interacoustics and Bertec. With same-day service in many locations, e3 Diagnostics stands ready to provide high-quality balance assessment equipment for your ENT practice, audiology clinic or rehab facility.

Whether you're looking for a balance testing machine for athletes or a vestibular function test that assesses the vestibular ocular reflex, e3 Diagnostics is the nation's preferred provider of reliable sales and service solutions.

Bertec Portable Essential

Portable Essential

The Bertec Portable Essential provides a variety of assessments, including standard static balance tests, weight shifting, and optional higher-level balance testing for athletes (COBALT). Static balance and weight shifting activities can be easily integrated into a customized therapy program.

  • High-sensitivity dual-balance force plate
  • Objective assessment of balance with normative data for comparison
  • Convenient for clinical rehabilitation, home health, bedside, and community health programs
  • Portable to bring balance services beyond clinic walls
  • Training menus for use with biofeedback rehabilitation
  • Low profile and light weight



Integrate our complete battery of assessment and training options into a customized therapy program for patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems, and neurological challenges. Benefits include: objective assessment of balance with normative data for comparison; five assessments and five training menus; flexible training menus with hundreds of options; real-time parameter changes; and standardized protocols.

Human balance relies on a complex control system. Bertec Portable Essential’s dual-balance plate captures minute shifts in balance and provides information on the asymmetry of loads of the right and left foot, allowing for more versatile assessments and accurate measurements.

When paired with a laptop, Bertec’s highly sensitive, low profile dual-balance force plate, powered via USB, is a vital part of your clinic’s day-to-day practice. The lightweight design allows you to extend balance services beyond your clinic's walls and into home health, bedside, and community health programs.

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Standard Package

  • Bertec Balance Advantage Software
  • Dual-balance force plate
  • Laptop computer with touchscreen display and remote control
  • Power cable and USB cable
  • Wireless pointing device/mouse
  • Foam balance pad (19” x 20” x 4”)
  • Database merge and sync
  • One-year parts and labor with ongoing support 


  • High-sensitivity dual-balance force plate
  • Standardized protocols with normative data
  • Low 1.5” profile in an 18” x 20” configuration
  • Modular software design to fit your needs
  • 500 lb load capacity
  • Patented and HIPAA compliant patient database with merge and sync capabilities across all Bertec® Balance Advantage® products
  • Portable system powered by USB providing assessments for patients with balance and/or mobility problems 



  • Bertec® Vision Advantage™
  • COBALT™ powered by Bertec®
  • Carrying case (custom fit to all components)
  • Extended warranty