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Audiologists use tympanometry measurements to test the middle ear's mobility when changes in air pressure occur. Recorded on a graph called a tympanogram, the results of tympanometry tests offer information about air pressure in the middle ear. Middle-ear tympanometry helps audiologists diagnose hearing loss and recommend a solution such as a hearing aid.

From handheld tympanometers to desktop models that offer a complete range of middle ear tests, e3 Diagnostics has the tools you need. Our tympanometry devices will allow you to diagnose patients' hearing issues so they can improve their quality of life quickly. You can feel confident with our high-quality tympanometry equipment from respected manufacturers including MAICO, Interacoustics, Amplivox, and Grason-Stadler.


Interacoustics AA222

A hybrid middle ear analyzer and audiometer, the Interacoustics AA222 is one of the most comprehensive combination units available today.

It’s great for any stationary or portable application where testing of air and bone conduction, tympanometry, reflexes, and speech are performed.




Impedance test battery

Tymp 226Hz

Tymp 678, 800 & 1000Hz (h-license)

Manual tympanometry (h-license)

Ipsilateral Reflex

Contralateral Reflex

ETF 1 test non-perforated tympanic membrane

ETF 2 test perforated tympanic membrane

ETF 3 patulous tympanic membrane (h-license)

Releex decay

Manual latency (h-license)

Audiometry test battery

Air & bone conduction




Modified Hughson-Westlake


Speech CD, wave files & live

QuickSIN (optional)

Binaural speech (optional)