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Regardless of your needs, e3 has an otoscope for you. From providing increased magnification of the tympanic membrane to capturing a video recording of an otoscopic examination, our state-of-the-art otoscopes are among the most advanced and high-tech available.


MedRx SLS Light Source Video Otoscope

Utilizing a 21-volt, 150-watt halogen bulb, fiber optic cable, and variable light intensity, the MedRx SLS Light Source Video Otoscope provides a remarkably clear view of a patient’s ear canal.

With a 3mm tapered probe and miniature video camera, it makes capturing clear, high-resolution videos of otoscopic examinations as easy as can be.



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USB Camera

Image Sensor: 1/3” Interline XGA Color - Progressive CCD: ICX204AK (Sony)

Effective Picture Element:1024 (H) x 779 (V) 

Chip Size: 5.80 (H) x 4.92 (V) mm

Cell Size: 4.65 (H) x 4.65 (V) µm

Scanning System: Progressive

Resolution: 1024 (H) x 768 (V) (Full Scanning) - 1024 (H) x 344 (V) (1/2)

Maximum Frame Rate

Full Scanning: 29.18 fps (Normal) / 14.59 fps - (1/2 clock) / 7.295 fps (1/4 clock)

Pixel Frequency: 29.5 MHz (Normal) / 14.75 MHz - (1/2 clock) / 7.375 MHz (1/4 clock)

Video Output: 8bit / 10bit / 12bit

Analog Camera

Image Sensor: 1/3” Interline CCD ICX638BKA

Active Picture Element: 768 (H) x 494 (V) 

Signal Format: NTSC 

Scanning System: 2:1 Interlace

Scanning Frequency: Horizontal Frequency 15.734kHz, Vertical Frequency 59.94Hz

Sync System: Internal / External

Horizontal Resolution: 480 TV Lines

S/N Ratio: More than 48 dB (AGC = off)

Video Output Format: VBS 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω, Y/C

Minimum Scene Illumination: 0.11 lx, F1.2 (AGC=ON)