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With so many noise hazards in the workplace, frequent screening of employee hearing is of the utmost importance. That’s why e3 Diagnostics offers a wide variety of premier industrial audiometers.

Our industrial audiometers offer touchscreen function keys and user-friendly operation. Sound booths are also available in a variety of wall thicknesses, and testing equipment can assess a wide range of decibels. If you need to test multiple people, we have multi-station screening booths that can test up to 10 subjects simultaneously.

e3 Diagnostics' distributes industrial audiometers from reputable manufactures such as Tremetrics, Benson, and Micro Audiometrics. Browse our selection of products to learn more today!

Depisteo Spirometer

Depisteo Spirolyser® Q13® Spirometer

For over 25 years Depisteo’s head office has chosen the Fleisch type pneumotachograph in the design of its spirometers for its qualities of reproduction and measurement accuracy. A real expertise worthy of a work of craftsmanship, we have achieved our goal of reproducing the technology of this sensor in a single-use version.



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Tests: Slow and Forced Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation, Post-medication
Sensor: Fleisch type digital pneumotachograph
Guarantee: 2 years
Flow Measurement Range: -14L/s to +14L/s
Volume Measurement Range: 0L to 10L
Digital Resolution: 15 bits
Measurement Accuracy: ± 3% maximum
Cord Length: 9.8 feet
Storage Temperature: 32 – 122°F
Temperature for use: 62.6 – 98.6°F
Atmospheric Pressure: 720 - 780 mmHg
Humidity: 75% maximum
Altitude for use: < 6561 Feet
Voltage: 5VDC (via USB port)
Power: 200mW maximum
Reference Standards: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, ATS 2005
Medical Class: IIa
Software Safety Class: A
Applied Part: Type BF
Size: 3.54x7.08x2.36 Inches
Device Weight: 0.55 Lbs