About us

e3-gordon-stowe-detroit-hearing-sales-expertsSince 1956, e3 Gordon Stowe has earned the trust of the vast majority of Audiologists, Audiology Clinics, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Professionals, Hearing Aid Dispensers, Universities, Pediatricians, Family Physicians, Schools, and others within the industry in the Midwest.  We are comprised of specialized people: Audiologists, trained sales and support staff, electrical and electronic engineers committed to providing you unsurpassed customer support. 

e3 Gordon Stowe is a firm dedicated to providing the professional hearing testing community with the highest quality instrumentation, support, expertise and service available, proudly representing the world’s leading manufacturers, offering choices and options no other distributor can match.

To contact our Detroit office:

Address: 5918 N Lilley Rd, Ste 3
Canton, MI  48187-3697

Office:  (734) 981-3655
Fax:  (734) 981-1414

Your Local Experts


Regional Sales Manager
(734) 981-3655
  • Open Position
  Jeff Deneau

NASED Certified Technician
(734) 981-3655
  • Jeff Deneau worked for the Expo Design Center before joining e3 Gordon Stowe in 2005, and is a NASED Certified Technician.
  Todd Hoyer

NASED Certified Technician
(734) 981-3655
  • Todd Hoyer was a copy machine technician before joining e3 Gordon Stowe in 1996, and is a NASED Certified Technician.
  Gary Baron

Part-time NASED Certified Technician
(734) 981-3655
  • Gary Baron a is a part-time NASED Certified Technician for the e3 Gordon Stowe Detroiut office.
detroit-karen-martin   Karen Martin

Office Manager
(734) 981-3655
  • Karen Martin is part of the administrative support team for the e3 Gordon Stowe office. Karen went to college and worked in the business offices at the headquarters for Kmart Corporation before joining e3 Gordon Stowe in 1978.
  Beth Stork

Office Assistant
(734) 981-3655
  • Beth Stork is part of the administrative support team for the e3 Gordon Stowe office. Beth worked at a Day Care Center before joining e3 Gordon Stowe in 1987.

Expertise, Excellence, Everyday - The e3 Diagnostics Difference

e3 Diagnostics is based on three cornerstones:  expertise, excellence and everyday.  These three e's are the core values each team member provides to every customer, everyday.


Expertise is our people.  Audiologists, sales team, technicians and operational support. Across the nation, our network consists of the audiology industry's most respected and highly regarded leaders and business advisors.  We are here to help you grow and take care of your customers.


Excellence is our product and services, which are unparalleled in the industry.  We represent the world's leading manufacturers of the highest quality special instruments and supplies, and our national service team are factory-trained and NASED certified.


Everyday is our ability to be near you on an everyday basis, wherever you are and whenever you need us.  We have offices in your community no matter where in the US your business is, and our response time is typically within 24 hours.